Updated Family Letter from Chancellor David C. Banks

Please read the updated family letter from Chancellor Banks sent via Operoo. A link to a video on how to administer the iHealth COVID-19 Rapid Self-Test Kit Demo (with Spanish subtitles) was also sent via Operoo.

Covid-19 Vaccine and Flu Shot Letter to Families

A message was sent via Operoo regarding the Chancellor’s letter to all families as a reminder that students who are vaccinated against COVID-19 do not need to quarantine and miss in-person school after they are exposed, and unless they have symptoms of COVID-19. Please read this letter on how you can get your child the COVID-19 vaccine for ages 5 and older, as well as the flu shot. 


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What’s Happening in NYC Public Schools


Use the link below to read weekly updates from the Chancellor Meisha Porter (translated into 10 languages, and American Sign Language)